This section of the Allen App is meant to introduce visitors to information about selected works of art and related American Sign Language vocabulary. While this information is appropriate for 5th graders less familiar with art and unfamiliar with American Sign Language, learners of any age can enjoy this content.

American Sign Language or ASL is a rich language with its own culture; we strive to honor ASL with in-depth research and partnering with Oberlin community members. In addition, there is a branch of American Sign Language called Black American Sign Language, which we also recognize as a flourishing language with a thriving culture and poignant history. Please use some of the links to learn more about ASL and BASL or go on a research adventure of your own!

Special thanks to Kat Ware, leader of the Deaf Culture Experimental College (Exco) Class for helping to guide us and record these ASL videos.


Start by clicking on a work of art to learn more about it. Each artwork has questions to encourage close looking to learn more about the object. Try answering and imagining for yourself before clicking the question to learn more. At the bottom we included some new words to know in American Sign Language. Try them out for yourself and maybe share some with a museum buddy!