How To Use This Resource

This app is designed for you to explore the artwork in our museum, on- or off-site. It will allow you to:

  • Take a self-guided audio tour through the highlights of our collection.
  • Access object labels, written texts, audio recordings, and videos through your own mobile device.
  • Give us feedback on your experience in the museum and/or using the app.

Throughout the galleries, you will notice numbered logos on many object labels. Click "All Objects" (at the bottom of this screen), then "Start Tour" to enter the site number attached to the wall next to each object in a gallery, and access the corresponding entry.

Visit the "Home" button (on the left at the the bottom of this screen) for a list of sites in the museum, organized by gallery.

Go to "Info" for access to our website, hours, contact information, and more.

Leave us comments, questions, and any other kind of feedback by clicking on "Feedback."