How can Museum Labels be Antiracist?

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As part of a broader commitment to antiracism, the AMAM is rethinking the interpretation and display of its permanent collection.

This installation marks the first step in this process. Here we present two paintings, both made immediately following the American Civil War (1861–1865). Over the course of the academic year, we will experiment with different approaches to interpreting these two paintings based on your feedback. Some of the questions we plan to address include:

  • What are the visible and invisible values encoded in each work?
  • Should the identity of an artist or the intended audience affect how we interpret a work of art?
  • Who owned these paintings before they were acquired by the AMAM? Why and how did the museum acquire them?

What additional questions do you have? How could our object labels better serve you?

We want to hear from you! At the end of this tour, you'll see a form, inviting you to respond to several prompts. AMAM curators will carefully read to all feedback.

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